Proust questionnaire

My preferred virtue    Loving life
The main character trait   Tolerance
The quality I like best in a man   Goodness
The quality I like best in a woman   Trust
My biggest shortcoming   One project per day
My biggest quality   Realising them
What I like the most about my friends   Giving
My favourite occupation   Watching life
My dream of happiness   Understanding life
What would be my biggest misfortune?   Losing life
Apart from myself, who would I like to be?   A bird
Where would I like to live?   Here or elsewhere
What is my favourite colour?   Terracotta
My favourite flower   Wisteria
My favourite bird   Albatross
My favourite prose writers   Montaigne
My favourite heroes   Rimbaud
My fictional heroes   Romeo and Juliet
My favourite fictional heroines   Alice in Wonderland
My favourite composers   Bach
My favourite painters   Seurat
My heroes in real life   Craftsmen
My favourite heroines in real life   Women in love
My heroes in history   Adam and Eve
My favourite first names   Catherine and François
My preferred food and drink   Potatoes, Bordeaux
What I hate most   Jealousy
The historical person I dislike most   Napoleon
The historical events I despise most   Conquests
The military deed I most admire   The abolition of military service
The reform I would most value   The abolition of death penalty
The natural gift I would love to posses   To swim like a fish
How I would like to die   To fly off
My present state of mind   Sharing



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Napoleon ©Fondation Folon 2015

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