The Foundation

The Folon Foundation opened on the 28th of October, 2000 at the initiative of Jean-Michel Folon. It is located in the farm of the castle of La Hulpe, right in the middle of the Solvay Park, which is owned by Wallonia.

A location

In this expanse of green, lying but a few kilometres outside Folon’s place of birth Brussels, the artist returned to his roots. As a child he lived at the neighbouring Genval lakeside and often passed the Solvay Park, which he called «the garden of the thousand rhododendrons’.

To Folon, this estate that harbours an exceptional fauna and flora seemed like the ideal setting for his foundation. Nature, so dear to the artist’s heart, is paid a twofold tribute: for over forty years nature and the protection of the environment were among Folon’s favourite themes, just as they were priorities for Ernest Solvay. Both men had a love for nature and the lives that compose it, and each in his way tried to glorify it.

The castle’s farmhouse, built in 1833 by the architect J.P. Cluysenaar (who also constructed the famous Royal St-Hubert Galleries in downtown Brussels), has been restored to its original appearance. It is made up of whitewashed buildings set around a paved courtyard. The tennis courts have been handed back to nature. Walkers sometimes stroll across the farm’s courtyard unaware that it has been transformed into a museum!

A dynamic museum

The Foundation presents a permanent exhibition of the works of Jean-Michel Folon in their diversity of themes and techniques. An original and interactive scenography designed by Folon himself leads the visitor on a poetic dreamlike journey into the artist’s universe, right to the heart of his creations. Optical effects, plays of light, music and films enliven your visit. In The Birth of an image Folon reveals the creation of a watercolour, in The Encounter you see a surreal meeting between Folon and Woody Allen in New York’s Central Park. Some of Folon’s animated films are on display in a room full of mirrors. The original music created especially for the Folon Foundation by French composer – musician Michel Colombier harmonises perfectly with Folon’s colours.

A team

Stéphanie Angelroth – Director

Pascale Bourdinon – Administration

Corinne Bullaert – Artshop

Sonia Compas – Reception / Administration

Géraldine Dresse – Human Resources

Nathalie Fièvé – Cultural médiation

Pierre-Paul Fièvé – Digital communication

Moune Lachapelle – Educational service

Alain Lauwers – Logistics / Maintenance

Pauline Loumaye – Temporary exhibitions responsible

Allison Michel – Collection management

Dominique Michels – Communication / marketing

Véronique Vandendorpe – Artshop

Laura Vásquez – Booking

Marie-Esther Verheyen – Educational service

Yolanda Lopez – Atelier Folon Monaco




Honorary Commitee

These wonderful people have accepted to honour the Folon Foundation with their friendship: Valerio Adami, Balthus, Pol Bury, César, Henri Cartier-Bresson, André Delvaux, Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Renzo Piano, Andrée Putman, Jorge Semprun, José Van Dam, Simone Veil.

Friends of the Folon Foundation

Join the circle of friends and contribute to the development of artistic, cultural and pedagogical activities organized by the Folon Foundation. 
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