This unprecedented and specially organised exhibition showcases a little-known and fascinating side of Folon, an artist who glorified the object and was keen to explore different media. Whereas many artists of the time were attracted to conceptual art, Folon explored traditional art techniques such as watercolour, sculpture, ceramics, aquatint and even tapestry.

A few words about the Maison Autrique
The Maison Autrique was created by Victor Horta (1861-1947) in 1893. It is a kind of missing link between his traditional Brussels houses and his iconic Art Nouveau creations. In 1893, having completing apprenticeships with Alphonse Balat, built a number of houses in Ghent and completed many different projects, Horta, then aged 32, received a commission to build a private house for his friend Eugène Autrique, an engineer with the Solvay company. This would be Victor Horta’s first private mansion. Some elements that the architect continually explored were already apparent: the first signs of a connection with the pavement, wall coverings of different thicknesses, the juxtaposition of symmetry and asymmetry and, of course, the use of metal and industrial materials.

Curators Fondation Folon: Stéphanie Angelroth – director, Isabelle Douillet-de Pange – curator and Pauline Loumaye – temporary exhibitions. Autrique House: Alexandra Rolland, director.

An Autrique House exhibition in partnership with the Fondation Folon.