A journey in Brussels

In spring 2024, Brussels is honouring the Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon (1934-2005) and celebrating the 90th anniversary of his birth with a series of events and exhibitions. Brussels-born, Folon left Belgium at the age of 21 and very quickly gained international recognition.
In 2000, he set up his foundation in La Hulpe.

Between February and September, three Brussels museums and the Fondation Folon are offering an opportunity to rediscover the many aspects of this multi-faceted artist, designer, illustrator, painter, poet and sculptor who, eschewing the dominant artistic conventions, excelled in many different techniques and blurred the boundary between genres.

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20.03 › 29.09.2024

Folon Insolite

Autrique House Schaerbeek.

Until the end of September, Jean-Michel Folon is taking up residence in the majestic and intimate spaces of the Maison Autrique. From the basement to the attic, the building is brimming with works and objects of all kinds that the artist found while browsing flea markets, a lifelong passion of his.

10.04 › 15.09.2024

Olivetti · Folon

Design Museum Brussels.

For almost three decades, Folon maintained a fruitful artistic collaboration with the Italian company Olivetti. Founded in 1908, it became one of the most remarkable companies of the 20th century, not only on account of the products it developed – its typewriters are still legendary - but also on account of the social model it introduced and the links it established with the world of art.


21.02 › 21.07.2024

Magritte · Folon

Magritte Museum.

Folon discovered Magritte when he was 20 years old, and it was a revelation. “You really can do anything in painting. Even invent mysteries”, he thought. This exhibition highlights the resonances between the works, language, links and distinctive features of the two great Belgian artists.