Folon. L’Etica della poesia


Folon. L’Etica della poesia
Tra impegno civile, denuncia e sperenza nell’uomo
Exhibition from May 6 to August 27, 2022 at the Vatican Museums.

A unique exhibition, presenting more than 80 works (drawings, watercolors, sculptures) by the Belgian artist, will take place in the heart of the Vatican Museums, on the route of the Sistine Chapel.

The civic engagement of Jean-Michel Folon constitutes the central point. A commitment of which man is the measure, for a world listening to a just and sustainable humanity, for civil rights and against war. These are all themes to which the Belgian artist has devoted part of his career.

📚 Exhibition catalogue 📚

A catalogue will make available to the public the works presented during the exhibition, enlightened by the texts of great historians of Italian art: Micol Forti, Claudio Strinati and Marilena Pasquali. Versions in English and Italian. Reprints in French and Dutch. 160 four-color pages.

Price: 30€
On sale at the Vatican and at the Artshop of the Folon Foundation from May 6, 2022.

🔸 Practical information 🔸

06.05 < 27.08.2022
Monday-Saturday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Last Sunday of the month: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Price: €8 – €17 (Free visit to the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & Folon. L’Etica della poesia)