Les Affiches de Folon


Exhibition extended until January 9, 2022

From his first poster for a short film by Maurice Pialat in 1961, to his final one, in 2005, publicising his exhibition in Florence, Jean-Michel Folon (1934– 2005) left his mark on the world of poster art, and on the public imagination.

In stark contrast to the poster art of his time, with all its photos and typographical effects, the artist created an unusually coherent world, constantly guided by Mies van der Rohe’s maxim, Less is more. He experimented with a radical economy of means, based on the rudimentary use of line and the emotional charge of colour – coloured inks, screen prints or watercolours. His vocabulary consisted of just a few basic signs – arrows, human forms, masks, eyes, hands, birds, etc. – which he combined in his projects, experimenting ad infinitum with synecdoche and metamorphoses, all laced with humour and poeticism.

Breaking away from the world of advertising, Folon lent his talents for cultural, scientific and sports events and even more enthusiastically for the major campaigns which he championed: the protection of the environment and human rights.

The exhibition features a selection of the artist’s most beautiful and rarest posters along with unseen sketches and watercolours which illustrate his




“Les Affiches de Folon”: € 8 Adult; € 7 Senior (+65 years old); 5 € Student (-26 years old); 5 € Young (-18 years old); 0 € Child (-6 years old).

Combined ticket “permanent exhibition & temporary exhibition”: € 15 Adult; € 11 Senior (+65 years old); € 35 Family Package (2 adults and 3 young people); 5 € Student (-26 years old); 5 € Young (-18 years old); 0 € Child (-6 years old).

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Guided tours, on request, are organized according to the health regulations in force.

With the support of : Wallonia, Walloon Brabant, the CGT, Banque Delen, the National Lottery, La Première, Musiq’3, Le Soir, Le Soir Mag and TVCOM.