The Fondation Folon’s mission

The foundation guarantees the fulfilment of the 4 missions entrusted to it.

1. Conservation and enrichment of the collection

The conservation of its artworks, objects and archives is one of the museum’s primary, though unseen, roles. It involves ensuring good practice and a suitable preservation environment (climate control, lighting, security, pest control, etc.) in areas containing the works which make up the collection in order to prolong their lifespan and pass on the foundation’s legacy to future generations.

2. Outreach


Extramural exhibitions

Exhibitions of Folon’s works travel to every corner of the globe. They help to further enhance the reputation of both the artist and his work.

Education service

In addition to its purely artistic mission, the foundation also offers a wide range of artistic and educational activities centred around the human values which the artist held dear: the environment, human rights, …


The communications department disseminates information about the Fondation Folon and its activities to both the general public and professionals: visitors, educational institutions, the media and companies with which it sometimes forms partnerships. Our website, newsletters and social networks enable us to communicate directly with visitors who are keen to learn more about Folon’s works.


Resource centre

Our collection of archive documents relating to the artist and his work is constantly expanding thanks to gifts (from the artist’s family and friends) and acquisitions. These documents, which are currently being inventoried and digitised, will enable us to broaden the scope of our research.

An archive area and a library are also planned. By protecting this invaluable material, which represents half a century’s worth of unique information, we are securing its long-term future.


The editorial strategy has been defined. Several publications are in progress (Humour blanc, Folon Photos Graphiques & Folon. Sculptures). The Foundation is currently planning future publications.

3. Copyright


The Fondation owns the rights to all the artist’s works. It alone has the right to reproduce or authorise the reproduction of one of the artist’s works “in whatever form, be it direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, in whole or in part. This right also includes the exclusive right to authorise rental or lending.” – (Code of economic law –  Copyright Art. XI.165)

Request to reproduce a work

The Management Committee reserves the right to decide whether or not to grant permission to reproduce a work. The applicant must first provide detailed information about his/her project.  The nature of the project will determine if permission is granted and, if so, whether it is granted free of charge or subject to the payment of a fee.

4. Social mission

Non-profit association

As a recognised non-profit association (Law of 2 May 2002), the Fondation Folon pursues a social objective. Every year, it welcomes thousands of visitors with physical or mental disabilities.

Proceeds go to help disabled people, who can enjoy free and specially tailored visits to the museum.

Specially tailored visits

The foundation offers specially tailored visits
– Guided tours by people who live at the L’Essentiel centre for people with disabilities.
– Sensory and touch tours with visually impaired guides – L’EQLA

The Fondation Folon also regularly hosts exhibitions featuring works by different artists.